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Do I Need To Use A Roofing Company

Do I Need To Use A Roofing Company


roofer installing shinglesMany people often wonder if they can get by without hiring a roofing company to handle their roofing job.  Many of us love to do our DIY projects to include many of us here at Orlando Roofing Contractors.  However, when it comes to roofing repairs it is always best to hire a qualified roofing company to handle your repair needs.  The roof on your home is an important structural part and if it is leaking it is a matter of time before your home has other damage to include mold, which can be life threatening.

When Do I Need To Hire A Roofer

Most people wait until they start having a leak before they even contact a roofer.  In the State of Florida you can expect a roof to generally last between 15 and 20 years, for a shingle roof.  Both tile roofs and metal roofs can be expected to last much longer than shingles because they are much more durable to the weather conditions.  Many factors will also come into play here as well as to how long your roof will last.  It is important to look at the following sings of when you should contact a roofer in regards to your roof especially if these conditions are occurring after the expected life of your roof.  Waiting after you have a roof leak will just compound all of your issues.

As stated before and obvious indicator of serious roof issues is water coming into your house.  If you see signs of leaks coming from your roof into the attic or the ceilings of your home it is critical to act fast.  Just because you have a leaking roof does not necessarily mean you have to have a complete roof replacement.  However, the quicker you act to have it repaired the better off you will be.  Another factor that can cause a roof damage that needs repair is wind driven rain that gets under the shingles.  The water will find areas of the layer of tar paper below the shingles that are damaged, which in turn causes leaking into your home.  If you notice that your house is missing shingles or if they are cracked you should get in touch with a roofing contractor in order to repair them before you have troubles.  Finally there is flashing that is installed around your chimneys, vents, skylights and eves.  Water can also get past these areas as well and can be repaired by a qualified roofer.

Believe it or not if you are experiencing a massive change in your cooling and heating bills you most likely have a major roofing issue.  A rise in energy costs shows that your roof could be failing you because of damaged or missing shingles you are unaware of. Having a roof that is energy efficient can also save you money by being energy star qualified. It is important to understand that over time the sun, wind, rain, debris and leaves will deteriorate your roof materials over time.  It is important to keep the roof clean and make repairs when needed in order to stall off having to completely replace your roof.  Unfortunately roofs will need to be replaced at some point and the materials that are used to assemble your roof will determine that as well.  By properly maintaining your roof it will last longer and put off having to replace the roof.

Choices to Make When Hiring A Roofer

It is important to do the necessary research when you are looking for a roofer.  Unfortunately for many they are scammed by characters that are not near as honest as they should be when it comes to working on your home and they look to take advantage of individuals.  When looking for a contractor for your roof job make sure they are licensed and insured to start.  If you are unsure of who you would like to hire start by asking friends and family who they recommend using to repair or replace your roof.  Generally they are not going to recommend somebody unless they are happy with the work they performed for you.

In the event you have any questions on when you need to use a roofing contractor for your roof job feel free to give us a call here at Orlando Roofing Contractors and we will do our best to assist you with all of your questions.

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